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My Purpose

I have known for quite some time that I am here for a big purpose.

It is to transform the planet and to raise our current human consciousness. Though it wasn’t until recently that it was revealed to me exactly how I was to do this.

During a spiritual retreat in November, 2020, I set the intention to have my next Divine Assignment given to me. Three times during the retreat, I heard the words, “You will write a book on how to Trust.” I responded back out loud, “But I am not a good writer; this is not my strong point.” The next day, I heard the same words, only more emphatic, “You know Trust like no one else. You are going to write a book about this from your unique perspective!” Still, I resisted and told whatever this Energy was or wherever it was coming from, “But I hate to write!” On the last day of the retreat, I heard again, “It is now time, and you will write a book on how to enter the state of Trust! You will teach others how they can achieve the state of Trust to end their suffering and find their way home!”

As I thought and meditated about this directive, I reflected on how I would occasionally hear people say that they didn’t even know if they believed in God or a higher power. I know with complete certainty that there is indeed an Energy that many would call God, so I would offer to them that I would hold space for them until they could come to know it for themselves. By this time, it became apparent that this was my next Divine Assignment, just as I had asked for at the beginning of the retreat. The more I meditated and contemplated about this, the more confident I grew about this directive.

Well, the writing of the book only took about one week and flowed very easily. Actually, the words flowed more easily than they have ever flowed through me before. And it is with great and humble privilege that I present this information. I now see that whatever the Energy is that gave me my direction has allowed me to become the vehicle through which this information just poured. And it is only through my unique experience, knowledge, and skill that I am able to convey it to you in a way that is easy to understand through a practice that is easy to follow.

As you will soon see, I no longer suffer in my life, despite situations or events that would previously have caused great suffering. And I now know the direct path to help others achieve this for themselves. After writing the book, it was clear that the Divine Energy that inspired me to guide you on the topic of Trust knew what it was doing and knew this was the right time to share this with the world!

“Divine Trust by Dr. Nancy Wiley shows us all a way home and an end to all suffering. In this compelling book, Dr. Nancy weaves together some of life’s most profound truths and shows us all a clear path to greater happiness and joy. It all begins by opening our hearts, learning to let go, and trusting in the universe. Filled with inspiration and proven techniques, Dr. Nancy’s book shows us how to release our fears and move into a state of grace and greater inner peace. Readers will emerge with a deep understanding of the divine perfection that is always supporting and guiding us. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to experience greater levels of happiness, joy, and harmony with all that is.”

Judi Miller

Author of "Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation"

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