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As an experienced speaker, Dr. Nancy would be using her unique ability to Trust in the Higher Power (Divine Trust) to aid others to move into healthier states of being. She has already assisted many people, ranging from the severely depressed all the way to those that have become self-actualized. It is her mission to end suffering and ignite a massive shift in human consciousness.

She works in an interactive way, because transformation occurs by directly experiencing new ways or states of being. Although the knowledge must first start with a mental understanding, only direct experience of these new ways or states of being will lead to a powerful transformation. The only prerequisite is that those seeking relief be willing, allowing, and coming from an open heart.

Her transformational speaking engagements would benefit and specifically be directed:

1. Moving from the past to the present moment

To assist those who may have had a trauma, or experienced a loss of some type. This includes helping those who persist in reliving certain things, events, or situations. Also, included in this type of issue/opportunity are those who feel they are a victim and that nothing goes right for them. This is especially for the person who feels that bad things always happen to them and they just can’t get a break. Dr. Nancy will guide the participant to experience Divine Trust directly. It is by experiencing this direct relationship with Source, that the everyday mind relaxes and the flight or fight mode is gently replaced by their own present moment awareness which melts away any negative impressions in their mind. The participant will be left with a feeling of peace, love and being exquisitely beautiful.

2. Leaving Fear Behind

To assist those who are afraid and are living in fear. The energy Dr. Nancy ushers forth envelops each of us in safety and security, and we feel gently held by the sacred Divine Being. She works only with the Highest Energy there is. This includes those individuals who operate predominately from their mind controlling their thoughts. Also, her techniques are specifically beneficial for those who feel they are controlled by their spinning mind. Dr. Nancy guides you into the Present Moment where your mind quiets and you are left with a tangible feeling of exquisite peace.

3. Self-Love

To those who lack self-worth and self-love and feel that they don’t deserve to have their very own relationship to God/Source Energy. This includes those who feel that there is a Divine Being but fail to see that it is also in them. Also, this includes those who feel they are inadequate in some way and also those individuals that operate from the perspective that something is lacking, missing, or wrong with themselves or other events, situations, or people. Perfectionists can be included in this group because they often become paralyzed to take action for fear of making a mistake. What Dr. Nancy offers is a gentle shift so that they may see the actual opportunity in any perceived lack. She guides them to a new perspective that there is Divinity in every so-called problem. She teaches how to open the gifts of their perfectly imperfect attributes or situations. By embracing these types of situations, events, or attributes and acting from an open heart they are able to open these Divine gifts.

4. Living with Ease and Flow

To those who are resisting events, situations, or attributes. Many times, periods of change can elicit a response of digging our heels in. Resistance is a job of the mind, and by learning to operate consciously and learning how to respond rather than react, much energy is freed to be used in much more positive ways. Dr. Nancy teaches how to say “yes” to the Universe no matter what life sends our way. This is freedom.

5. Knowing the Divine

To assist those that have lost their faith and no longer believe in a Higher Power or those who would like to know without a doubt that there is such a Divine Being. Dr. Nancy guides us into our very own, deep relationship with the Divine and we are shown that it is possible to have a direct connection and relationship with Source Energy. You will be uplifted and nourished by this Source.

6. The Grace of Trust

To assist those who have already had significant spiritual experiences and would like to delve into a deeper and more direct experience with the Divine. Often, we have peak spiritual experiences that come once in a while or even just once. This leaves us not only hungry to experience this state again but maybe even a deep longing. We effort and try to recreate it again. Wouldn’t it be great to claim amazing spiritual experiences almost every time we meditate! It is all about relaxing, opening up, becoming willing and allowing, and most importantly TRUSTING that allows these peak experiences to occur.


By using mental explanation of the structure and function of our world as well as guided meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Reiki, and her intuition, Dr. Nancy Wiley offers an experiential event that will transform everyone who participates. Her ultimate goal is to facilitate a paradigm shift that gently leads us into our own relationship with the Divine and feeling beautiful, free, and blissful.

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“Divine Trust is a must-read for anyone who has ever suffered, whether from outside events or internal worry and stress. Dr. Nancy Wiley shares her journey and teaches us with clarity and ease how to quiet our chaotic inner chatter and develop our own direct connection with Source, our touchstone within.”

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