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Dr. Nancy’s Chakra Series Class


Are you ready to unleash your inner potential and find balance in your life? I’m excited to invite you to my upcoming Chakra Series Class: Working with the Chakras for Ascension of Humanity This is a 7-class series where we will dive deep into one chakra per month in a LIVE Zoom class. I will also be offering you a recorded meditation or process each month!

In this transformative session, you’ll learn practical techniques to awaken and harmonize your Root Chakra, leading to improved well-being and inner peace. Whether you’re new to the concept or looking to deepen your understanding, this class is perfect for you.

First Class is May 30th at 7:00pm EST (When you begin after the start date, you receive full access to all course materials, videos and forum access)
Class #2, June 20th at 7pm EST

Seats are limited, so secure your spot now to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into your inner energy! All Class sessions are recorded and available in your member area in case you want to review or if you miss a session.

I am excited to offer you the FULL Chakra Series (7 classes) for only $222 and it includes a FREE 12-month Divine Jewels membership in my private community!