Dr. Nancy Wiley
Trust the Divine
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I have known for quite some time that I am here for a big purpose.

It is to transform the planet and to raise our current human consciousness. Though it wasn’t until recently that it was revealed to me exactly how I was to do this.

As you will soon see, I no longer suffer in my life, despite situations or events that would previously have caused great suffering. And I now know the direct path to help others achieve this for themselves. After writing the book, it was clear that the Divine Energy that inspired me to guide you on the topic of Trust knew what it was doing and knew this was the right time to share this with the world!

In this three-part Master Class, I go deeper in the teachings to help you learn how you can have a better understanding of life’s questions and how you can build a firm foundation for ease and grace.


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Dr. Sue Morter
founder Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, author of The Energy Codes, Developer of BodyAwake Yoga, Host of Healing Matrix for Gaia TV, Co-Host of Your Year of Miracles
{Divine Trust is an essential state of mind and the entry point into your very own relationship with the Divine. Our own embodiment of this state is our true liberation. Dr. Wiley captures with clarity the exact steps needed to achieve this foundational state. Once this connection is made, your life will be forever changed. This is a brilliant must-read user's manual for humanity.
mystery person
Lynn R.
{Dr. Nancy Wiley shares with an open heart about her personal life and difficult experiences and teaches how she found “Divine trust” to help her and others to find peace and healing in our hearts and ease our pain and suffering. Her practical guide is very easy to follow. I am so grateful to have learned about this extraordinary book. Thank you Dr. Wiley!
mystery person
{Nancy Wiley gives a very clear and easy-to-follow guidebook on how to develop divine trust and a feeling of safety in the world. I love that she shares her own experience and combines it with scientific and spiritual principles. The book is very easy to access and has real-life applications. I highly recommend it!