Dr. Nancy Wiley
Trust the Divine
Author, Speaker, Thought Leader

I was taught by my main spiritual teacher, Jeddah Mali that there are many ways to achieve enlightenment. Of these ways, there are many who devote their entire lives to just meditating on or contemplating one of these specific individual ways. Some of the big ones are the following: Love, Mantras, different types of breath work, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Being in the Present Moment and Trust.

We spent considerable time on all these topics plus many more. But it was from almost the very first time that we were guided into the state of Trust, that something deep within my soul shifted. From that time on, I found that Trust was my way home. No matter what was happening in my outer world or how discombobulated I became, all I would have to do was think of the state of Trust. Within a split second of the conscious thought of Trust, my entire being would recenter and realign into complete harmony. It was almost as if Trust smoothed or soothed anything that was out of harmony into perfection.

Eventually, all I had to do was to think the word “Trust” for this type of realignment to occur. And then an interesting thing happened to me, my connection and Trust of this Supreme Energy hosting all of life changed my very perspective of the world. So much so that I no longer suffered. No matter what happens, I became unshakeable. This is how I knew that I embodied Trust. I am so certain of the Energy that is our Source and its innate characteristics that I am now able to impart this to others. It is almost as if my vibration has changed and just like a tuning fork my vibration can emanate out to help others achieve the same blissful state.