Dr. Nancy Wiley
Trust the Divine
Author, Speaker, Thought Leader

Why would anyone want to become Enlightened?

For me I was about 16 when someone started teaching me about people who could manifest their every heart’s desire. I wanted to manifest enough money so that I could have my very favorite thing in the entire world which was a horse. I started riding at age 4. I was all consumed with horses (and I still am)! But, having 3 other siblings, and not enough resources to afford such frivolous things, I became dedicated to finding a way to have enough money to be able to have a horse in my life.

So, this book on manifestation sparked my interest. Right after this, two dear friends gave me a very interesting book called Autobiography of a Yogi. In this book, the guru describes many of his gurus and their various powers. One of the most powerful could just wave his hand in the air and manifest a fistful of jewels, right out of thin air! I immediately thought, WOW!!! The more I studied Enlightenment the more it drew me in. The next thing I knew, I had started my journey becoming a seeker. Stay tuned for many of my grand adventures!