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Part I

Meditation Thins the Veil

Something happens to us when we meditate. It is difficult to quantify but from my perspective, something changes in the biochemistry of our being. There is not much research as of this time as to exactly what happens. Some speculate that our DNA un-coils and that more of our genes can be expressed. I am sure you have heard that we only use 10 % of our brain. So, if meditation causes us to be able to express more of our genes, could it be possible that people who meditate are becoming super human? I have seen evidence that those who meditate look and act younger and seem smarted than others their same age. Those who meditate are absolutely calmer than the average person. They also seem to be able to accomplish more. But where it gets really interesting is when they start to experience things like knowing what is about to happen or realize they have psychic abilities. Maybe their intuition becomes clearer and they find when they follow it, amazing experiences unfold. Life becomes magical.

Types of Meditation

1. Quieting the mind

The most popular in this group is Transcendental meditation (TM) with a mantra or sutra. This is where you repeat a two-syllable word that has no English meaning over and over again. Mediation usually lasts for 20 minutes but many will do this for prolonged periods of time. Other types of meditation that fall into the category that I call “quieting the mind” are following the breath or watching a flame. All of these are meant to quiet the mind so that thoughts just float through our consciousness but the end result is to get us to be in the Present Moment and where out mind slows down and eventually gives way to pure consciousness. From my perspective, I have spent 2 decades using a mantra with very little noticeable changes or experiences. Yes, I would feel peaceful and calmer but nothing compared to my favorite method (keep coming to these posts to find out which type of meditation is my strong preference). Many of my friends swear by TM, but I have my own very strong preferences. I still do TM on occasion which only reinforces my strong preference!

2. Brain Entrainment

I have subscribed to many different types in this category as well. I even tried Holoscnyc for about 8 years before I found my preferred method. Holosync uses a brain entrainment type of program that claims to mimic Monks who have meditated their entire life. It claims to use science to be able to fast track you to enlightenment. I have tried at least 5 different types in this category with different companies. Again, I did not see many benefits when compared to my preferred methos (Keep reading to learn what it was)

3. Guided meditation

I have also tried many types of guides meditations. But in 2008, I started studying with Jeddah Mali. And suddenly FIREWORKS!!! WOW, almost every meditation just blew my mind. I had such amazing results and experiences that they don’t compare to almost any other teacher or type of meditation. Suddenly, I see things, know things and am able to see such amazing results and miraculous events. My life is just full of attracting the right circumstances at the right time. Honestly, I am so grateful I often cry tears of exquisite beauty. I KNOW that I AM BEAUTIFUL! I also have had an experience what many call “Unity Consciousness”. It has completely changed my life and I KNOW that we are all one.

4. Mindfulness

5. Gratitude

6. Ho oh ponpono

7. Visualization


Living being conscious and in the present moment

Following impulses or intuition so much fun!

Messages from the Universe/ When the Universe Talks to Us